Veterinary medication containing Prussian Blue is used
as preventive medication as well as to treat animals who have
experienced radioactive contamination or heavy metal poisoning.

BIFEGE can be used as an effective therapy to treat iron
deficiency anemia, improve hematopoietic system function,
increase hemoglobin count in blood and lower blood
cholesterol markers.

BIFEGE can be used as a feed additive to increase gain-in-weight,
yield on milk, and contribute to maintain offspring livestock level.

«The Great Wave off Kanagawa» (1823-1831), a woodblock print
by K. Hokusai, who made prolific use of Prussian Blue pigment.
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BIFEGE was developed within UN Project E11
in 1990 - 1995 under IAEA and FAO coordination
involving a few European and Russian institutions.

«The use of Prussian Blue to reduce
radiocaesium contamination of milk and meat
produced on territories affected
by the Chernobyl accident».

Animals can be contaminated and suffer poisoning
cases when ingesting radioactively contaminated
foodstuff and water.

Using BIFEGE as a feed additive will allow animals
to resist radioactive poisoning and safely continue
ingesting contaminated food and water throughout
their lifetime.

Commercial use of BIFEGE made it possible
to have rehabilitated over 1 000 000 cattle
over the last 25 years

Investments into the programme in the amount of
$50 000 to treat livestock using Prussian Blue
antidote allowed to have saved dairy and meat
products valued at $30 000 000 in Belarus in 2005.
(IAEA Annual Report 2005)
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BIFEGE guarantees that contents of radionuclides
and heavy metals in milk will not exceed the strict sanitary
and nutritional standards, and the cost increase will not be
larger than 0,5%.

BIFEGE also guarantees the decrease of radiounuclides
and heavy metals in a meat, with cost increase of 0,5-1%.

The use of BIFEGE has significant economic effect both
in technogenic pollution areas and in ecologically clean areas.
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